Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Streetlight Fee No More, and Other Budget Potpourri

From Loose Lips, The Washington City Paper web site
This morning, D.C. Council Chairman Vincent C. Gray convened a press conference with 11 of his colleagues to go over their proposed markup changes to the FY2010 District budget. It was a standing-room-only affair, at least in the beginning, but as councilmember after councilmember rose to detail his or her recommendations, it got real tedious real fast. Be glad LL was there so you didn’t have to be. Herewith, the highlights:

Marion Barry showed up by 9:45 a.m.—by far the earliest LL has ever seen him in the John A. Wilson Building. He explained he had come straight from the airport, after flying in from Oakland, Calif., where he was attending a conference of the National Association of Black Public Administrators. Harry Thomas Jr., the only councilmember not to attend the briefing, remained there. In a strong voice, Barry explained how he “almost jumped out of…my chair” when he saw what the Fenty budget proposal did to charter facilities funding. “I called the chairman, said, ‘Good afternoon; you got your $10 [million].”

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