Monday, May 4, 2009

Sova Kicks Off New Craft Bartending Program In Celebration of World Cocktail Week

From the Capital Spice web site
When FrozenTropics announced Sova’s new cocktail menu, we were definitely excited. I know…shocker.

We were already fans of Frank Hankins’ espresso and wine bar, a neighborhood hangout where groups of Gallaudet University students share space with book clubs, Atlas Theater-goers, and even the occasional bluegrass jam session. With a focus on quality and value, Sova has been brewing Intelligentsia coffees downstairs and serving a dozen wines from a Cruvinet wine system upstairs. All in all, a pretty sweet setup. But this latest development - a craft cocktail program developed by none other than Derek Brown - is a BIG deal.

Last week we sat down with Frank and company to taste some of their handiwork and talk about this new direction for Sova. As Derek points out, there are certainly some coffee shops that have decent wine programs and some decent wine bars that also pay attention to their coffee service, but the concept of a coffee shop and wine bar that also has a top-flight cocktail program is practically unheard of.

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