Monday, June 8, 2009

Watching the Next Food Network Star with Teddy Folkman: Episode One Recap

From the Capitol Spice web site
Last night’s premiere episode of The Next Food Network Star offered plenty of Teddy Folkman - how often did they cut away from the action for a reaction shot or a comment by Teddy? We counted something like ten! Sure, it gave us a chance to get to know his competition, but from our seats at the Capitol Lounge (where Folkman has just taken over the kitchen), it felt like we were watching the Teddy Show.

Now if we’ve learned anything from the hours we’ve spent watching Top Chef and TNFNS, it’s that there are two types of contestants who tend to get a lot of face time – those who are going far, and those who are going home. But try telling that to the home-team crowd that gathered to watchsupport…tease Teddy throughout the premiere. They greeted each appearance with a cheer, but they didn’t hesitate to point out his numerous costume changes (three different shirts over the course of a challenge that supposedly happened in one day).

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